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Now seating chart, I definetly want one, I am really organize. But they send me two options in a proposal where they charge $450-$420+tax (tax in my country are 28% (18% goverment tax, 10% legal service tip). So price comes up to $537-$576 which my mind is like 🤯 for a goddamn seating chart???. Pegasus Forum Seating Chart & Ticket Info Events Seating Charts Seating Configurations Configuration 1 Upcoming at Pegasus Forum Dec 02 Fri TBD Hell And Heaven Metal Fest - 3 Day Pass Buy Now Pegasus Forum - San Mateo Otzacatipan, MX Dec 02 Fri 12:00 PM Hell And Heaven Metal Fest: Scorpions, Pantera & Candlebox (Time: TBD) - Friday Buy Now.

How big should seating chart be? Large seating charts can be as big as 24 x 36 inches, for example if you want to set up a seating chart at the venue of your wedding so that guests can find their seats. It may be smaller depending on the number of guests and tables. Should seating chart be alphabetical?.




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No under 8s Under 14s must be with an adult at all times and seated in the balcony where available. A max of 6 tickets per person and per household... Standard BALCONY UNRESERVED SEATING BALCONY STANDING STALLS 2 results for: 2 Tickets All Ticket Types Lowest Price Best Seats Section Downstairs Standing Full Price Ticket £30.10 each Section.